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Geelong 1: Head turning new apartments in Geelong

Find out why these new apartments in Geelong are setting design tongues wagging and are tipped to be the region’s next big real estate thing

Designed to amaze

Daryl Pelchen has placed his stamp all over leading property developments in Victoria. So it seemed only fitting his vast talents were called upon for these new apartments in Geelong. When first assessing the project, Pelchen and his team set out with one goal in mind. They were to take all that is beautiful, unique and special about Geelong and reflect it in a truly contemporary design. Here, the best of European styling and design models is utilised. The aim? To create a happy and healthy residential heartbeat within the Geelong CBD. In a city flanked by the gorgeous Surf Coast and the amazing Bellarine wine region, standing out among the natural beauty is a tall ask. But Pelchen has taken 4 distinct approaches on modern apartment living. From here, he has created a set of new apartments in Geelong that proudly stand against the glorious skyline. Despite the differences in style and design, Geelong 1 is a beautiful complex that brings together the best of what the area has to offer in every colour and curve. 
Meet the 4 wonders of Geelong 1
If there were new apartments in Geelong that could capture the area in their essence, it would be the Geelong 1 complex. Here you have 4 distinct styles of apartment. You have the Garden Apartments that value indoor and outdoor space in equal measure to create your own leafy oasis. Seclusion, greenery and a sense of meditative quiet among spacious indoor and outdoor areas make the Garden Apartments ideal for those who love a quiet life. The Bellarine Apartments borrow their name from famed Bellarine wine and food trails. They ooze with dinner party sophistication and a love of the finer things. The Bellarine Apartments are the pinnacle of the entertainer’s delight with a balcony crying out for dinner parties.   High above the city and soaking in the Geelong skyline are the Podium Apartments. These apartments mirror the elevated position of the re-birthed city of innovation in lifestyle and appointments. They are your oasis where the stars light the way to clever ideas. And the Sky Apartments, who capture the ‘sky's the limit’ attitude of an exquisite city. It is this personality that effortlessly marries tradition, beach life, reinvention and pioneering possibility. These are the first apartments in Geelong to capture the city essence while providing a tantalising view of it at the same time. 
Apartments in Geelong with outstanding quality
Geelong 1 stands out among other apartments in Geelong for their quality appointments, eye for detail and luxurious style. Each apartment is open plan and designed to give that spacious, roomy feel.  Sleek, elegant and minimalist, they combine the best of European architecture and interior design. All while giving you, the resident or investor, the ability to place your personal brand on the look and feel of the apartments. Stone bench tops complete elegant and well appointed bathroom and kitchen areas. The best in European appliances and fixtures complete the tone in two incredibly luxurious rooms. These are apartments in Geelong that complete the revitalisation of a city and herald a new rivalry with city sister, Melbourne. All without the extreme price ticket, congestion and noise.
Make each day a day to remember with the apartments in Geelong that are raising the bar on sophisticated living and quality design. Discover Geelong 1 now.